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If you don't have enough knowledge to upgrade your CMS or Website , just   contact us to do it in a flash! 


Content management systems (CMS) can take the stress out of managing your website. If you have a website, you more than likely fit into one of two categories – you either have a static website, which means all of your site updates have to be hard coded using standard web programming techniques or you already have a content management system in place and you can make dynamic page updates on your own.

Nowadays, the benefits of building a static website are few and far between. If you have a static site it’s probably time to say goodbye and update to a modern CMS. Here are five reasons to break up with that old static site and never, ever get back together.

  1. No Web Programming Experience? No Problem! Content management systems, like WordPress and Joomla, were built for users with little to no programming experience. Once your website is fully developed by a web design professional, managing the actual content on your website is simple and easy to learn. Your web content, like images and text, can easily be inserted and uploaded onto specific pages, and styled in a content editor that is similar to Microsoft Word.
  2. Collaboration and Accessibility. Content management systems allow multiple people to have access to the website. This helps colleagues work together to strategize their web content. Having multiple accounts set up also means that multiple people can update the site, meaning the task doesn’t fall on just one person to make all the updates. Content management systems are also very convenient for people on-the-go. You can login to the back-end of your website from anywhere. All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile device and an internet connection.
  3. Rank Better with Built-In SEO Tools & Plugins. Content management systems offer a number of plugins and tools that can help your site rank better in major search engines. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of your online marketing team, but these tools can help implement a basic SEO strategy in an attempt to increase online traffic to your site .
  4. Security. In today’s world, the last thing anybody wants is for their website to be hacked, especially ecommerce website owners. Websites can be especially vulnerable, and are often targeted by hackers, to steal personal information. However, content management systems are consistently tested by an army of developers and computer scientists in an effort to protect users against any and all potential security threats.
  5. Cost Effective. Website maintenance can be a major expense if you have a static website. Calling a web designer or developer to make frequent changes can add up. Not only is cost a factor, but you will most likely have to wait a few days to see the updates live on your site. Investing in a content management system can save you time and money. With a content management system in place, you no longer have to rely on a web developer to make common site changes. You can make these changes yourself and on your schedule.


If you don't have enough knowledge to upgrade your CMS or Website , just   contact us to do it in a flash! 

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